How Mid-America Trailer & Castlewood Teamed Up

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their websites. Some are big and flashy; wanting to grab your attention and make a mark for themselves in your memory before you move on and forget about them. Others are simpler, quieter, and less demanding,  though just as hard working.

This is about that kind of website.

Mid-America Trailer knew their business needed a website, and they knew what they wanted it to do– its job. They didn’t need a website with deluxe multi-media applications or lengthy written content, just one that helped visitors do things like find the dealer closest to them or register their new purchase. It also needed to do things like collect and organize customer information and educate visitors, which reduced the number of phone calls Mid-America received and allowed them to focus on  more productive tasks.

Mid-America Trailer prides themselves on their customer service and dependability, and they knew that they simply couldn’t afford for their website to be down, or their customers unable to complete their registration process or find a nearby dealer. Not only would it frustrate their existing customers, but it could also have a detrimental impact on future sales as well.

Knowing just how much was at stake when it came to both their website and their business, they decided to call in the experts. They decided to call Castlewood.

How Castlewood Helped Mid-America Trailer:

Once we understood the kind of website Mid-America Trailer was after, we were able to design a site that not only met all their requirements, but also displayed properly on large-screen TVs,  cellphones, and everything in between. Like we do for every other website, we also designed it to be fast, efficient, and reliable, benefiting not only the humans visiting the site, but also helping to impress the “robots” sent by search engines to determine its ranking.

When everything was said and done, Mid-America Trailer had a website that allowed them to spend their time running their business instead of worrying about if the latest update to a module might cause them to lose precious data or bring everything to a screeching halt. Plus, they knew the team at Castlewood was only a phone call away should they run into any issues.

In the years that we’ve been working with Mid-America Trailer, we’ve seen just how much traffic it receives, and how critical it is for the site to remain operational and ensure that the data it collects remains secure and protected. In the end, the Mid-America Trailer website serves as a perfect example of a functional, utilitarian business website that doesn’t put on airs or try to be something it isn’t. It just does the job its owners need it to do– and it has been doing that job all day everyday with no complaints for years.

Does your business need a new or redesigned website, or some help with online marketing? Do you want professionalism and customer service you can’t get from the other guys? Do you want to work with people you can trust with your company’s website, and not some con-artist calling themselves a “web designer” on the weekends?

Then Contact Castlewood Studios today, and let us help with all of your business’ web design, Internet marketing, and content creation and distribution needs.

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