Axle & Suspension Parts

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5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern, 3500 LB, Cambered: Call for Price & Availability.

Measurements below are “Hub Face-to-Hub Face” x “Spring Center-to-Spring Center”.

Please call (417) 588-5888 or email us via our “Contact Us” web page for pricing and availability on Axles.

Custom Axles Not Available.

92″ x 80.75″

95″ x 83.75″

95″ x 80.75″

Non-Brake/Idler Axle – Black Powder Coat

Leaf Springs

4-Leaf, Regular-Duty Trailer, Double-Eye Spring for 3500 LB Axle: $38 each.

5-Leaf, Heavy-Duty Trailer, Double-Eye Spring for 3500 LB Axle: $62 each.

4 – Leaf Spring

5 – Leaf Spring
  • Designed using software through rigorous testing ensures a highly durable leaf spring that is dependable, with minimal stress points.
  • Quality, competitive springs promising longevity for your trailer hauling experiences.
  • Leaf spring suspension systems can be mounted underslung (the springs under the axle) or overslung (the springs over the axle). Either way, the hardy suspension system is certain to last a while under rated capacities.

Idler Hub with Bearing Kit – Complete

5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern: $64 each.

(Includes Bearing Kit: Large Inner – L44649, Small Outer – L68149, Seal – 442251)

Idler Hub shown with Bearing Kit

Idler Hub-Only: $37 each.

Axle Bearing Kit-Only: $27 each.

Brake Drum Assembly – Complete

5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern: $74 each.

Drum Brake Assembly

Misc. Axle & Suspension Parts

Shackle Stap: $4 each.

Shackle Bolt with Lock Nut: $2 each.

Castle/Spindle, Slotted Nut: $2 each.

Cotter Pin (to secure Castle Nut): $1 each.

Axle U-Bolts (Rounded) with Lock-Nuts: $11 each.

Grease Cap/Dust Sleeve: $7 each.

Wedge Plug (to close off Grease Cap): $3 each.

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